Bestsellers don’t just happen.

Something needs to make them happen. Something ... or someone.

To get a book moving you need to recruit allies, and to do that you’ll probably have to pitch the book.

Whether you’re an editor, sales person, author or marketer, you need to be able to engage others in your vision, and The Book Pitch Doctor is here to show you how.

I founded The Book Pitch Doctor because, as an experienced publisher (in sales, marketing and editorial) I had learned to present books well, but still found it nerve-wracking. I had a hunch I knew how to help publishers get better at it, and the feedback shows it works.

This isn’t generic “public speaking”, this is persuading a book trade audience - your colleagues, customers, media - to understand your title, get excited about it and get behind it. 

  • 'James knew our market, the specific challenges that we face. It was one of the most useful training sessions that I’ve been on.' Mariesa Dulak
    — Hachette
  • 'This was an extremely positive experience. I was very impressed with James’ approach and the structure of the workshop' Sue Buswell, Editorial Director
    — Orchard Children’s Books
  • 'James is a great trainer – calm, measured and not prone to ‘tech-speak’ – his own, direct experience is a great draw for this kind of training.'
    — Susan Barry
  • 'The top tips for presenting will be really useful in my role, presenting to journalists in one-to-one meetings, or to larger groups like conference delegates' Stephanie Allen, Children’s Press Officer
    — Hachette


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I started The Book Pitch Doctor to help fellow publishers get better at presenting. We can all learn and improve ...

Book Pitch Doctor clients

Book Pitch Doctor clients


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