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Half-day and full day courses to help you present books better.

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A Book Pitch Doctor workshop develops the skills and confidence publishing people need, to deliver any kind of presentation effectively and confidently.

All courses involve “live” practice, filmed on participants' own smartphones. A strong emphasis on candid but constructive feedback encourages students to recognise their default mode and challenge themselves to push their limits.

These courses are practical, encouraging and fun.


Half-day course: Conference Presenting

Students come prepared to give a one minute book pitch to an imaginary sales conference audience of colleagues, booksellers and media.

Having given their pitch, they take constructive feedback about script and performance from James and (crucially) their peers. They then rewrite their scripts and go again, having been encouraged to experiment and challenge themselves. 

Interspersed throughout the sessions are discussions about how participants feel about and approach presenting, and hints and tips for improving.

Script writing and preparation are focused on strongly,  as are issues surrounding performance; particularly how to handle nerves.

This course is useful for all ambitious publishing people, particularly editors who want to champion their books but lack experience in front of a crowd.

Half-day course: One-to-One Pitching

Primarily aimed at sales, marketing and rights people, who have to sell books to individual buyers or small teams.

Students deliver a prepared pitch and take feedback from James and one another. Ideas and tips on effective pitching are discussed, prior to rewrites and experimentation with new approaches.

Preparation and tactics are covered in depth, as are body language, and the performance aspects of pitch delivery.


Full course over two half-days

Conference presenting and one-to-one meetings are fully covered, as well as pitching a project plan to an imaginary board.

This board pitch is done in pairs, to give participants the experience of preparing and executing as a team. Students get extensive feedback and opportunities to develop their personal style. This course involves substantial preparation before both modules.