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how is this different to other public speaking courses?

The Book Pitch Doctor is publishing specific, and based on 20+ years of experience presenting books in all situations. My familiarity with the context you work within means everything is relevant. Generic public speaking coaches don't know the difference between a conference launch, an acquisition pitch and a Frankfurt customer meeting.

how many people can participate?

Between two and eight, although I do also coach people individually.

is it scary?

A lot of people hate talking in public, but The Pitch Doctor is deliberately positive, encouraging and supportive. Most participants enjoy the sessions and leave feeling much more confident. But don't just take my word for it ...

who's it for?

Anyone in publishing who needs to recruit others to support their books. Workshops are usually tailored to editors, or commercial/promotional people (sales, rights, publicity), but can also be mixed.

are the workshops recorded?

I ask participants to bring their own phone, so I can record them talking. They can watch themselves back in privacy and see their own improvement, on their own device.

where do the workshops happen?

Usually in-house with publishers, but I do also coach mixed groups of publishers at central London venues. Contact me for details ...


I charge £900 plus VAT for each half day workshop.